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CDO City Scholarship Program 2024

CDO City Scholarship Program 2024. The CDO / Cagayan de Oro announced City Scholarship Program is officially open for applications! Become part of the ever-growing community of “Iskolar sa Dakbayan” or ISDA. This is your chance to move one step closer to realizing your dreams. Best of luck to all applicants!

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CDO City Scholarship Benefits

Discover the array of benefits that come with the CDO City Scholarship:

Full Financial Support

  • Full tuition coverage
  • Matriculation and other related fees
  • Monthly stipend for additional support
  • Holistic formation for personal and academic growth

Qualifications Required

Before diving into the application process, ensure you meet the following criteria:

Qualifications Overview

To be eligible for the City Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a Filipino citizen
  • Hold permanent residency in Cagayan de Oro City
  • Pursue an undergraduate degree on a full-time basis
  • Be a graduate of Senior High School
  • Be an incoming first-year college student for the academic year 2024-2025
  • Not have been previously enrolled in college
  • Have an annual gross total family income not exceeding Php300,000
  • Have no siblings or family members currently applying for the scholarship

Priority Courses

The City Scholarship Program prioritizes the following courses:

Priority Courses

  • Agriculture (Agribusiness, Biosystems Engineering, Crop Science)
  • Education (Major in TLE, Filipino, and Special Education)
  • Business and Tourism
  • Engineering
  • Medical-related Courses (Nursing; subject to evaluation by the Scholarships Committee)
  • Information and Communication Technologies (Data Science, Computer Science, and IT)

Types Available

Scholarship Types

Choose the scholarship type based on your ranking, as determined by the Scholarships Committee:

  • Academic Scholarship: Select any partner school and course based on your ranking, including board- and medical-related courses.
  • Non-academic Scholarship: Opt for any non-board and non-medical-related course in a school approved by the City Scholarships Committee.

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Seamless Application Process

Application Process & Requirements

Submitting Requirements

Prepare the following documents and submit them in a clean, long brown envelope:

  • Photocopy of grades (Grade 12 first semester)
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Awards and Leadership from the School Head
  • Certificate of Residency indicating a specific address in Cagayan de Oro with the length of residence
  • Residence map with a landmark of home address and printed photo of residence for validation
  • COMELEC Registration Stub – Voter’s Certificate – ID of the Scholar or Parent
  • Parent’s Proof of Income (choose applicable option)
  • Barangay Certification indicating the source of income of both parents and total family income
  • BIR Certificate of Tax Exemption for unemployed parents; If employed or self-employed, BIR Income Tax Return (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of PWD ID of the Scholar
  • Photocopy of 4Ps ID of parents/Scholar
  • Certification of Indigenous People Membership

Follow these steps to successfully apply:

  • Submit your online application before February 05, 2024.
  • Access the online application form here.
  • No online application, no exam, and no submission of requirements.
  • Deadline for online applications is on February 05, 2024.

Important Dates

Qualifying Exam Schedule

  • April 23-25: Qualifying Exam for City Proper scholars
  • April 26-27: Qualifying Exam for Upland scholars (Schedule of the exam and venue will be posted on the CDO City Scholarships Office FB Page)


  1. What is the CDO City Scholarship Program?
    • The CDO City Scholarship Program is a financial assistance initiative aimed at supporting Filipino students in pursuing their undergraduate degrees in various priority courses.
  2. Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?
    • To be eligible, applicants must be Filipino citizens, permanent residents of Cagayan de Oro City, pursuing full-time undergraduate studies, and meeting specific criteria outlined in the application details.
  3. What are the benefits of the City Scholarship?
    • The scholarship covers full tuition, matriculation, and other fees, along with a monthly stipend for additional support. Scholars also receive holistic formation for personal and academic growth.
  4. What are the priority courses for the scholarship?
    • Priority courses include Agriculture, Education (specific majors), Business and Tourism, Engineering, Medical-related Courses (subject to evaluation), and Information and Communication Technologies.
  5. How do I apply for the City Scholarship?
    • To apply, complete the online application before the specified deadline. Visit this link to access the application form.
  6. Are there specific requirements for the application?
    • Yes, applicants need to submit various documents, including photocopies of grades, birth certificate, certificates of awards, residency proof, and other relevant documents. Please refer to the application details for a complete list.
  7. When is the deadline for scholarship applications?
    • The deadline for online applications is February 05, 2024. Ensure all requirements are submitted on time to be considered.
  8. What types of scholarships are available?
    • There are two types of scholarships: Academic Scholarship, where applicants can choose any partner school and course, and Non-academic Scholarship, which is limited to non-board and non-medical-related courses.
  9. When and where will the qualifying exams take place?
    • The qualifying exams for City Proper scholars are scheduled for April 23-25, and for Upland scholars, they will be held on April 26-27. The schedule and venue details will be posted on the CDO City Scholarships Office FB Page.
  10. What is the deadline for the overall scholarship process?
    • The deadline for the scholarship process, including the submission of requirements, is on March 15, 2024. Ensure all steps are completed to secure your chance at the CDO City Scholarship.

CDO City Scholarship Program 2024

Act now and pave the way for your future! Remember, the deadline for scholarship applications is March 15, 2024. Note: No online application, no obligation, incomplete application submission, and no examination will be entertained. Ensure you comply with all requirements to secure your chance at the CDO City Scholarship. Best of luck on your journey to educational excellence!

CDO City Scholarship

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