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PAMET Internship Assistance and Scholarship (PINAS) Program 2024-2025

PAMET Internship Assistance and Scholarship (PINAS) Program 2024-2025. The Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET) proudly introduces the PINAS Program, The PINAS Program is an inaugural scholarship program of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists, celebrating its 60 years in service.

This scholarship program aims to support financially challenged but academically gifted Medical Technology students in their local internship rotation. The program is named PINAS to help augment the need for Medical Technologists in the country.

Celebrating six decades of dedicated service, this scholarship represents PAMET’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals critical to the Philippines’ future.

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Overview of the PINAS Scholarship Program

In an effort to address the growing need for skilled Medical Technologists across the archipelago, PAMET has allocated six scholarship slots for the year 2024.

These are strategically distributed among students from six regional divisions:

  • Northern Luzon
  • Southern Luzon
  • Visayas
  • Northern Mindanao
  • Southern Mindanao
  • National Capital Region (NCR).

Selection Criteria and Scholarship Award Process

Following the application deadline, finalists will be contacted by June 30, 2024. The selection process includes a comprehensive 100-item examination covering the Medical Technology Licensure Examination courses and an online interview conducted by a three-member panel.

Both the exam and the interview are crucial in determining the most deserving candidates, emphasizing the program’s rigorous standards. Finalists must have a stable internet connection and turn on their cameras during the online interview.

The financial assistance and medal shall be awarded to the selected scholars during the following PAMET Events:

  1. Northern Luzon Scholar
    PAMET 17th Northern Luzon Regional Conference
    Baliwag City, Bulacan
    July 12-14, 2024
  2. Northern and Southern Mindanao Scholars
    PAMET 16th Mindanao Regional Conference
    Tandag City, Surigao del Sur
    August 29-30, 2024
  3. NCR Scholar
    PAMET Laboratory Management Congress
    September 16, 2024
  4. Southern Luzon Scholar
    PAMET 21st Southern Luzon Regional Conference
    Antipolo City, Rizal
    October 18-19, 2024
  5. Visayas Scholar
    TBA (Local Chapter Activity)

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PINAS Benefits

  • Each selected intern will receive ₱60,000 to cover various expenses related to their internship, including tuition fees, affiliation charges, accommodation, and transportation.
  • Attendance to PAMET Annual Convention in Manila Hotel On December 2-4, 2024
  • Free Registration to select PAME CPD Activities for 2024

PINAS Qualifications

  • Incoming BS Medical Technology Intern (4th year) for AY 2024-2025
  • No grade below 85 or uts equivalent (1st to 3rd year)
  • Students with scholarship are welcome to apply provided that no conflict on their contract exists.

PINAS Requirements

  • A 2×2 studio photograph on a white background
  • A certified true copy of grades from the first to the third year of their program
  • A letter of application detailing their financial need, endorsed by their Dean or Program Chair
  • Proof of Enrollment (optional)

How to Apply for PINAS

Prospective candidates interested in applying for PINAS are required to submit several documents through application form provided by June 15, 2024.


1. What is the PINAS Scholarship Program? The PINAS Scholarship Program is a financial aid initiative by the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET) designed to support academically gifted yet financially challenged Medical Technology students during their internship rotations.

2. How many scholarships are available? There are six scholarships available for the year 2024, with one slot allocated to an intern from each of the six regional divisions of PAMET: Northern Luzon, Southern Luzon, Visayas, Northern Mindanao, Southern Mindanao, and NCR.

3. What does the scholarship cover? Each scholarship provides ₱60,000 to assist with expenses related to the internship, such as tuition fees, affiliation charges, lodging, and transportation.

4. Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship? Eligible candidates must be bona fide incoming Medical Technology interns from PASMETH member schools, with their training at CHED-accredited laboratories. Applicants must have maintained a grade of no lower than 85 or its equivalent during their first three years and must be certified as needing financial assistance.

5. Can students with other scholarships apply? Yes, students who currently hold other scholarships are welcome to apply, provided there is no conflict with the terms of their existing scholarship agreements.

6. What is the application process? Interested students must submit an application online by June 15, 2024, including a 2×2 studio photo with a white background, a certified true copy of grades, and a letter of application signed by their Dean or Program Chair.

7. How are the recipients selected? Recipients are selected based on a combination of their academic performance, financial need, and the results of a 100-item examination covering licensure exam topics, followed by an online interview conducted by a panel of experts.

8. Where and when are the awards given? Awards are presented at various PAMET events throughout the year, including regional conferences and the annual convention, based on the recipient’s region.

9. What are the requirements to maintain the scholarship? Scholars must maintain good academic standing and have no failing grades during their 4th-year level to continue receiving the scholarship benefits.

10. Where can applicants find more information or assistance? Applicants can visit the official PAMET website or contact their local PAMET chapter for more details and assistance with the application process.

The PINAS Program by PAMET is more than a scholarship; it is an investment in the capable and motivated future leaders of the Philippines’ medical technology sector. By supporting academically talented yet financially needy students, PAMET is not only contributing to individual futures but also fortifying the healthcare system of the country. With this initiative, PAMET continues to demonstrate its unwavering support and commitment to the advancement of medical technology education and practice in the Philippines.

PAMET Internship Assistance and Scholarship (PINAS)

PAMET Internship Assistance and Scholarship (PINAS) Program

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