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The Minerva Scholarship Fund at Leiden University: Empowering International Students in Netherlands 2024

The Minerva Scholarship Fund

The Minerva Scholarship Fund at Leiden University. Leiden University, located in the Netherlands, offers the prestigious Minerva Scholarship Fund—a remarkable opportunity for outstanding international students to pursue their studies. With its generous financial assistance and emphasis on academic excellence, the Minerva Scholarship Fund stands as a beacon of support for both bachelor’s and master’s programs at Leiden University. Let’s explore the details and benefits of this esteemed scholarship, along with the application process and eligibility criteria.

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Introduction: Leiden University, a Hub of Academic Excellence

Leiden University, renowned for its rich history and commitment to research, holds a distinguished position among Europe’s top academic institutions. Its reputation attracts students from across the globe, fostering a truly international campus environment. Furthermore, the university is well-known for providing extensive financial aid packages, with the Minerva Scholarship Fund being a prominent avenue for talented students seeking to pursue their studies at Leiden University. While the scholarship program is highly competitive, the university community is dedicated to supporting all admitted students, ensuring numerous financial aid options are available. With its exceptional faculty, cutting-edge research opportunities, and generous financial support, Leiden University remains an ideal choice for ambitious students aspiring to study at the world’s leading universities.

Minerva Scholarship Fund: Nurturing Excellence and Global Perspectives

The Minerva Scholarship Fund Foundation, established in 2009, aims to provide financial support for outstanding research projects and study endeavors across various fields. This foundation, administered by the Leiden Minerva Student Association, holds a strong commitment to exceptional and exclusive student projects, whether undertaken within the Netherlands or abroad. By fostering academic growth and global perspectives, the Minerva Scholarship Fund plays a pivotal role in empowering talented individuals to pursue their educational aspirations.

Minerva Scholarship 2024 in the Netherlands: Key Details and Study Fields

The Minerva Scholarship Fund For international students aspiring to study in the Netherlands, the Minerva Scholarship 2024 at Leiden University offers an excellent opportunity. Here are some essential details and a list of study fields covered by the scholarship:

  • Scholarship Host Country: Netherlands
  • University: Leiden University
  • Course Level: Bachelor and Master degrees
  • Scholarship Amount: Between €900 and €2000
  • Eligibility: Open to international students

List of Study Fields:

The Minerva Scholarship 2024 covers the following study fields:

  1. Archeology
  2. Humanities
  3. Medicine/LUMC
  4. Governance and Global Affairs
  5. Law
  6. Social and Behavioral Sciences
  7. Science

Financial Benefits:

The Minerva Scholarship 2024 provides financial support to recipients in the following areas:

  • Scholarship Amount: Between €900 and €2000
  • Research Costs: Assisting with expenses related to research projects
  • International Travel and Living Costs: Facilitating study abroad experiences by covering travel and living expenses

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Eligibility Criteria:

To be considered for the Leiden University Scholarship 2024, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Enrollment: Must be enrolled as a Bachelor or Master student at Leiden University
  • Membership Requirement: Not required to be a member of L.S.V. Minerva
  • Exceptional Level: Should possess an exceptional or prestigious level of research or study experience, either abroad or in the Netherlands
  • Project Categories: The project must fall into one of the following categories: internship, study, or research

Application Deadline and Process

The application deadline for the Minerva Scholarship 2024 at Leiden University in the Netherlands is November 15, 2023. To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Application Form: Visit the official Minerva website and download the application form.
  2. Complete the Form: Fill out the application form with accurate and relevant information.
  3. Gather Required Documents: Ensure you have all the necessary documents to support your application.
  4. Submit Your Application: Submit your complete application form along with the required documents by the specified deadline.

Source: Minerva Scholarship Fund


For ambitious international students seeking exceptional educational opportunities, the Minerva Scholarship Fund at Leiden University opens doors to academic excellence. With its prestigious reputation, extensive financial aid, and emphasis on supporting talented individuals, Leiden University stands as an ideal destination for those aspiring to study at one of the world’s top universities. Don’t miss this chance to make your mark on the academic landscape—apply for the Minerva Scholarship 2024 today and take a step toward a brighter future.

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